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The Dutch company Quootz develops, distributes and implements the advanced software package called Merkato to provide businesses with solutions for sales and product configuration.



Merkato software helps it’s user to optimize their salesprocess by capturing all (product specific) business rules. These rules are then used to generate and distribute quotes and other product-related documents around your organisation. Merkato is user-friendly and easy to customise. The software can be used both web-based as well as a client-side application. This offers unprecedented flexibility and a very short time-to-quote.


CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. This is a fairly well-known abbreviation that only slightly covers the  Merkato’s functionalities. Due to the enormous flexibility of the system, Merkato is used for many more smart applications.

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In order to function optimally, Merkato is often linked to one or more other systems with our customers. These concern for example ERP (among other things for additional information about the article), CRM (customer information) and sometimes CAD (for an appealing visualization).

Quootz delivers linkages for nearly all systems. For this, we employ our own standardized integration platform. In this way, you are not dependent upon a third party. Depending on which version you use as well as any specific demands you might have, we will then be able to implement additional adaptations, so that you are guaranteed to receive a process which works in an optimal fashion.