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Merkato as a Supportive ‘Framework’ for the Calculations of KS Systems

From innovative system solutions for warehousing to load-bearing structures for construction and solar applications, KS Systems brings them to life. Since 1975, the Dutch company KS Systems has been a reliable partner, thinking outside the box and providing innovative custom solutions in these industries. It’s easy to imagine that such solutions and load-bearing structures require a considerable amount of calculation work. KS Systems decided to transition from their self-made ERP system to Trimergo’s system, and with that, it was time to replace their connected, self-made calculation tool. They took their time to make this decision.

A Configurator Capable of Handling Complexity

Precision in calculations is of utmost importance in KS Systems’ work. Various dependencies come into play, such as the complexity of hole patterns and profiling speeds, as well as material properties like thickness tolerances and the influence of used tools on the material. All these factors must be taken into account during the calculation process. Additionally, as they deal with large quantities, accurate calculations have a significant impact on the resulting price. Therefore, KS Systems was understandably critical in their choice of a suitable configurator that could integrate well with their new ERP system. They needed a solution that could accurately calculate complex matters while also simplifying the tool for the end-users.

KS Systems and Merkato: CPQ Software Facilitating Calculations

Trimergo advised KS Systems to get in touch with Quootz. While KS Systems builds the best system solutions and load-bearing structures for its customers, Merkato appeared to be an excellent fit as a ‘framework’ for their calculations. Since the subject matter was complex, they decided to schedule three days with one of Quootz’s best consultants to devise a potential initial solution. Fortunately, by combining expertise from both sides and the flexibility of Merkato, the solution was ready after just one day! This allowed the second day to focus on refinement and future plans, while the third day involved implementing a new calculation method. With this approach, KS Systems could compare the impact of the new method on various (fictional) orders.

Easy Model Building and Increased Synergy

The project team members are convinced of the success. Once the configurator is deployed throughout the organization, KS Systems’ employees will find that building and maintaining models in Merkato is much simpler. Even less-experienced colleagues can use this tool since highly complex calculations can be executed using standard functions without the need for complicated codes. Calculations are completed faster, instilling greater confidence in the results. An additional benefit is that the various subsidiaries comprising KS Systems can potentially collaborate better with Merkato. They have the option to utilize Merkato’s standard Remote Template Library, allowing them to more easily incorporate each other’s products and services while retaining their own identity and control. This could be a valuable expansion for the future!

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