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Ready-made back-end for front-end development.

For E-Commerce

More and more sales depend partially on the front of the process. A folder or static website is no longer enough nowadays. The customer asks to experience the product and informing the customer is increasingly becoming an interactive journey. The graphic design of websites that offer this is a collaboration between marketing & user-experience specialists, graphic designers and professional website builders.

We offer the teams that build such sites the Merkato platform as a ready-made, proven and ready-to-go back-end. For the specialists this offers the unrivaled advantage that they can concentrate on the customer journey, the graphic design and the experience. Recording knowledge, version management, maintenance, dependencies, document creation, user management and many other issues that are not directly related to the marketing and the front-end are covered. Due to the deployment of the trusted and proven technology thats embedded in Merkato.

On this page you can see some examples of nice dynamic interfaces that run on the Merkato back-end.

User Experience

For existing customers, the way in which we approach the market offers excellent opportunities to continually draw the sales process forward. We often start as an order-entry system to fill the ERP system without errors and quickly. Subsequently, the internal sales force, the salesmen and the international agents and dealers join. A logical step is then to open up a (part of) the system to the end customers. Whether or not through a graphical user interface that is specifically tailored to your requirements down to the last detail.

For the whole process, Merkato by Quootz will remain the unique, all-knowledge, central system, on which you continue to build on your own sales success.


Make all possible choices for your product visual and your customer will choose extra additions. The user experience for your product gets a boost and with Merkato as the basis, orders are always faultless.


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