Being uncompromising: THAT is what is important for SIEPLO. This is exactly why SIEPLO chose for Merkato! This company from Lunteren develops sustainable feeding systems for the agrarian sector. From the Netherlands, these smart solutions for feeding cows, calves, goats and sheep, are being shipped – through a network of dealers – to livestock owners all across the world.

The dealers were having lots of trouble with offering all the different types of machines in the right way. There was too much room for customisation and this impeded the standardisation in the factory. Ever since its implementation, Merkato has been taking care of the factory input.

All dealers can now make the same offers, which leads to clarity about what is being sold world-wide. This uniformity saves SIEPLO lots of time, which enables the company to focus upon further growth. Naturally, the configurator’s multilingual nature is also an important factor.

Merkato was integrated seamlessly into SIEPLO’s existing dealer portal. Thanks to the linkages to the ERP and CRM having already been testified previously, the implementation has been realised at lightning speed. What’s more: SIEPLO had prepared the product structuring to such a degree that the configurator was already set for the first twelve machines BEFORE the training had even been planned. The ultimate efficiency!

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