Kempf Fahrzeugbau

The German company KEMPF Fahrzeugbau builds and maintains a wide variety of constructional and towed equipment for the European market. The company has two subsidiaries in Germany and a factory in Poland. From now on, KEMPF will certainly employ the German-language version of Merkato!

KEMPF decided upon getting rid of the old, text-based quote system and replacing it entirely with Merkato. In the old situation, the company was having a difficult time in managing the order-influx. It is as a result of this that the desire for increased standardisation arose.

Apart from the fact that Merkato will take care of more appealing quotes, it will also be linked to the new ERP system of KEMPF. In this way, the commercial wishes can, wherever possible, be transferred directly to technical information AND product information.

This choice was based upon the big technical potential of our software, the seamless integration with the ERP system and the enthusiasm of other companies in the same business. Fun to know: the deal was reinforced during an exquisite dinner, made possible by the owner of KEMPF and his spouse.

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