The meticulously elaborated market approach of the young company Levere from Doesburg has been handled sublimely. The company does not possess any private production or assembly facilities, but instead plays the role of an intermediary: one the one hand between customers looking for an affordable production hall or hanger on a short-term basis, and on the other hand between a large number of suppliers. The key words to this market approach? Speed, scalability and low costs, (among other things) since the overhead has been reduced to a minimum. Even the most minor mistake in an order or definition could annihilate the entire margin. It is only natural that Levere chose the security of Merkato!

Levere wanted to be able to configure hangers in a fully automatised way and free of errors. Furthermore, the configurator not only had to be able to generate reliable quotes for the customers, but also for the suppliers (order forms and/or order receipts). This proved to be impossible in Excel.

Based upon an informative and interactive model, Levere’s customers will from now on enter their preferences on the website themselves, which will enable them to design their own hanger. In the background, real-time work preparations are being made, so that the customer has immediate access to the price.

Additionally, Merkato supports the process AFTER signing the quote. As soon as an order comes in, the hanger will be crystallised further within that same quote. The details will then be finalised and the last modifications will be implemented. Based upon a checklist in the configurator, everything will be reviewed and checked. Once everything is ready, Merkato finally generates the assignment confirmations as well as the order forms.

Levere has laid down all of the necessary knowledge in Merkato within a very short period of time. In doing so, a great ‘bottleneck’ has been avoided instantly, and a foundation has been created for national and international up-scaling.

Fun fact: executive Castillo Müller has never followed a training to learn how to operate Merkato. He ‘simply’ started and has thence constructed the configurator almost entirely on his own!

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