Hitma – UltraPure International

Hitma, being part of UltraPure International, is one of the world’s largest players on the market of (among other things) the single-used assemblies for medical and sampling applications.

Because of the possibility of one order consisting of enormous numbers of unique products, minor calculation errors in the price can be disastrous. Each composition is a unique piece of customized work. For each quote and order, a customer-specific drawing needs to be made and a part list needs to be drafted containing the assembly instructions for ‘the floor’. This results in an enormous amount of work for the office staff.

In the search for the perfect configurator, Hitma ended up with Quootz. Merkato took care of among other things the simplification of the complicated price calculations and the quote trajectories. Apart from that, our integrated 2D drawing module, which visualizes the configured product, rounds off the perfect solution.

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