Wiejelo Equipment is a dynamic enterprise which distinguishes itself by its constructive individual-based solutions with regard to efficiency and security for a wide range of applications of equipment, vehicles, machines and installations. During recent years, the company has been sky-rocketing, and since every system which they deliver is individual-based, the production of all of the corresponding quotes started to require ever more resources. This obstructed a quick international expansion, for which reason Wiejelo contacted Quootz.

Whereas previously the customized product’s part list had to be drafted for each price, as well as detailed installation schedules for the mechanics in case of an order, this process now goes much quicker by means of the CPQ sales software. Although the configurator operates for the most part according to standard settings, there is still always the option of fine-tuning the system based upon expert knowledge. Speedy, accurate, secure and available everywhere.

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