Quootz Customer day 2020!

KSE Process Technology B.V. wins Merkato Challenge during the Quootz User day 2020 at the ‘Apenheul’ (monkey zoo)! 

Yesterday, like Wajer Yachts and Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V., KSE presented how they use our software within the company and what results they have achieved with this. The attendees assessed them on complexity, inventiveness, look & feel, output documents and results. The iPad won is well deserved, congratulations Rene, Harm and colleagues!


In addition to the Merkato Challenge, we have demonstrated many new developments and applications! Christiaan and Wilfried, among others, were admired with their Merkato Next Gen and Dok.Legal presentations.

Apemanagement® took us into the Apenheul to compare our daily behavior on the work floor with the different monkey species! Super educational, fun and good for variety to see all those similarities! Monkey pranks on the work floor, every company has them!