Safan Darley

“Whereas other providers were mainly saying how anything was (going to be) possible, Quootz’ employees immediately answered each of our questions with one or more readily available examples. Mostly combined with a piece of practice-based advice, based upon their extensive experience. This is what we are looking for in our partners.”

SafanDarley is a deliverer of machines for adapting sheetmetal. What makes SafanDarley special is that they devote a great deal of attention to their image and house-style. The eye-pleasing quotes which Merkato is able to draft are a perfect match for this.

SafanDarley has great ambitions for the coming years. The fact that a good sales-configurator was going to play a big role in this has been clear for a long time. They chose Quootz as their partner because of their readily available and concrete practice-based examples and their years of professional experience. In choosing Quootz, a mutual, long-cherished desire to cooperate is being realised.

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