With its headquarters in Harderwijk and branches in the Czech Republic, China, America, and Mexico, AWL is a supplier of automated production lines for welding and gluing components. It is safe to say that they are one of the major players in this field. Their customers and clients are spread across the globe, serving various industries, including the automotive sector.

Within the company, certain production lines needed to handle increasingly higher volumes. This required a standardization and modularization process. To provide standardized systems, it was crucial to define and clarify the sales process, ensuring that customers receive products that fall within the framework of those defined modules and module variants. This is precisely what Merkato now guarantees globally across all business

units of AWL. In addition to streamlining the sales process, our configurator also ensures better calculations and more aesthetically pleasing quotes – all of which can be generated much faster!

Moreover, the templates are easy to build, and knowledge rules can be easily defined. The project structure of Merkato is also perfect for interconnected machine lines, making it an ideal solution for AWL! To assemble a process line, a simple graphical configurator is used to “click the blocks together.”

It’s also interesting to note that after a lengthy and intensive selection process, AWL ultimately chose Merkato with full confidence.

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