Archwey is the sustainable materials engineering group. Our mission is to eliminate virgin plastics from the world. We use and support smart engineering solutions so that the creation of new plastics is completely unnecessary.”

This is the mission of the Archwey group, encompassing all its subsidiary companies. Within some of these brands, there arose a need for a robust sales configurator. To address this, Archwey engaged a reputable external consulting firm to select a few configurator vendors, the best ones available globally. Following an extensive questionnaire and selection process, a few preferred suppliers were chosen, including Quootz. These vendors were invited to perform a paid Proof of Concept on-site in Amsterdam, and our success led us to be one of the chosen ones.

Arch & Hook 

Among the brands within the Archwey group, Arch & Hook is the first to utilize Merkato. “The mission of Arch & Hook is to eliminate the use of all non-sustainable materials in Fashion and Retail. Period.” What an impressive mission! The company is diligently working towards becoming the world’s first fully sustainable hanger brand, from design to delivery. To achieve these innovative goals, Archwey (the parent company of Arch & Hook) has enlisted Merkato. Our configurator will support Arch & Hook in all aspects of their operations.

As Arch & Hook started to sell recycled granulate and FSC wooden hangers, it presented an ideal opportunity to implement a configurator. The company aims to offer these products through a configurator to its global network of customers.

Arch & Hook is integrating Merkato with HubSpot (the CRM system) and Xero (the financial package). An essential selection criterion was that the software had to be easily deployable across the subsidiary companies. To achieve this, language support had to be well managed, considering that the company’s headquarters are in Singapore, with the Dutch office located in the heart of Amsterdam, and with offices running all over the world.

The Implementation

The implementation is as ambitious as the company itself: phase 1 was ordered on November 1, 2022, with the intention to have the software operational by the first week of January 2023 at the latest. The go-live for phase two is scheduled for the second quarter, so the timeline is tight.

Following this implementation, we will start the implementation at Plastic Bean next year, which is another subsidiary of Archwey.

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