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“Let me park my car in the parking garage.” Everyone who owns a car has to park it somewhere at some point. It’s a piece of cake, but in the background, there’s a lot going on. It’s all supported by a parking management system, and numerous choices have been made. Paid parking with ticket issuance? Contactless payment? License plate recognition? And should reservations be possible in advance or not? Even paying for parking via phone is an option. Over the past 15 years, IP Parking has evolved into one of the most successful parking professionals in the Dutch market. Operating from their headquarters in Deurne and with a location in Zaandam for software development, they conduct business worldwide. Their innovative parking solutions are deployed mainly in Europe and the US, and you can find them everywhere.

Growth calls for professionalization

The flip side of all this innovation and unlimited (parking) possibilities is that producing error-free quotes quickly becomes challenging. To facilitate the company’s growth, a new IT strategy has been devised. Part of this involved transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP package, and a CPQ solution was also a requirement. This would accelerate and professionalize the quotation process. IP Parking explored options such as Merkato Essentials and CPQing Solutions but, after clarifying desired functionalities and flexibility, they decided to go with the offering from Quootz. This showcases the strength of cooperation within the Merkato Holding, where the perfect solution is provided for each customer.

Availability and security

In addition to the need for faster, consistent, and simpler quoting, IP Parking had other requirements. They handle vast amounts of personal data, including data from license plate recognition, reservation tools, subscriptions, and other solutions. Therefore, IP Parking must be ISO27000 certified, which also has implications for the tools they use. Quootz has also been assessed against these information security standards and the availability of their application environment. After this check, we were delighted to welcome IP Parking as a customer!

The benefit for IP Parking? They can now easily, efficiently, and flawlessly generate quotes in their global sales channel, reducing the number of erroneous orders and enabling further growth.

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