That touchless access system in the hospital? The digital access control and electronic door lock in the hotel where you recently stayed for a weekend? That smart and fast boarding pass control at the airport? It could very well be from dormakaba! In various market sectors, dormakaba, a Swiss company with offices in 130 countries, including three in the Netherlands, delivers innovative and reliable access and security solutions.

Nothing is impossible!

That’s a promise dormakaba makes. For all challenges in its field, the organization strives to find the most secure, sustainable, and reliable solutions. You can imagine that this can lead to complex projects, which means comprehensive quotations are required beforehand. This becomes even more complicated when the quote includes elements from multiple product groups, some of which may have outdated or non-universally applicable configurators. And that was precisely where dormakaba faced difficulties. Filling in some configurators still required extensive knowledge from the salesperson, leading to inconsistency and erroneous output. Moreover, sales representatives spent far too much time on creating these quotes. How can quotes be produced faster, smarter, more user-friendly, error-free, and consistent? That was the significant question that led dormakaba to explore the global web. Who is that “nothing is impossible” party in the world of quotations? Google quickly led dormakaba to Quootz.

“Hello, who is this?”

After browsing the Quootz website and seeing multiple international references in the same industry, Barend Klop from dormakaba decided to simply give them a call. The conversation that followed was a bit strange, as the Quootz representative on the other end of the line didn’t quite grasp what dormakaba actually does. Fortunately, Barend was able to explain it well and let him know that he has about 16,999 colleagues around the world. But sometimes, miscommunication can lead to something wonderful! It turned out that Merkato was precisely what dormakaba was looking for.

Faster and more accurate

The various configurators and systems, some of which couldn’t even be modified anymore, had to go. All the different product groups were integrated into Merkato. This made creating a combined quote much simpler and significantly less error-prone. A quote for two revolving doors and 45 locks with an access control system based on tags? No problem at all! Everything is included in one quote, with a consistent layout, one price, and, of course, in the correct language. Supporting information from Merkato also makes the job of sales representatives easier and enables new sales reps to get up to speed quickly. This ensures that every sales rep, regardless of their level of experience, provides the same offering. Even for the most complex questions, Merkato had a standard solution. Dormakaba had found a perfect match in the motto “nothing is impossible.”

In control themselves

Dormakaba likes to keep control in their own hands. It was crucial for them to be able to maintain the system themselves and build their own templates. After a proof of concept, it turned out that the three product marketing managers could achieve a lot in the tool in a short amount of time, even without any prior knowledge or a basic course. The user-friendliness of Merkato was exactly what they wanted! To remain in control themselves and ensure a consistent rollout of quotes, a product owner is trained in Merkato for each product group. Each owner is responsible for their own products and provides their own model, which can be used by all sales representatives in the combined quotes. This way, accuracy and continuity are ensured in the entire organization in the long run.

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