Damen Marine Components

From inland shipping and fishing to ocean navigation and naval vessels, organizations across the entire maritime industry rely on the premium systems of the Dutch company Damen Marine Components (DMC). With 150 years of experience and a global sales network, DMC is a reliable and high-quality manufacturer of products such as nozzles, winches, hydraulics, steering, and rudder systems. They are the driving force behind keeping maritime vessels on course, but in the quotation process, DMC hadn’t quite found the right course yet. Therefore, the organization sought a solution to bring order to the proliferation of technical descriptions and simplify the quotation process.

Complex and time-consuming

DMC faced a quotation process that was too time-consuming and complex. Technical descriptions were scattered in various formats, and the formatting and texts in quotes were not consistent. Moreover, sales representatives required significant expertise to create a proper quote. This needed to change. That’s why DMC sought a partner to help them address this issue. For companies of DMC’s caliber, the organization believed there was only one serious solution, and that’s what Quootz offers.

Changing course!

Quootz and DMC work together to revamp the process significantly using Merkato. All data is centralized, making product configuration much simpler, and enabling faster generation of error-free quotes in the appropriate format. The integration with Exact ERP makes the process even more straightforward, consistent, and organized for DMC. Moreover, Merkato is user-friendly, allowing DMC users to set it up quickly and easily.

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