Kraker Trailers Axel

Kraker Trailers Axel B.V., a Dutch organization with dealers worldwide, produces strong and reliable sliding floor trailers. They achieve this by continuously incorporating user feedback into their development process, staying innovative, and using the right materials in the right places. When you are so innovative yourself, it’s essential that your sales and product configurator keeps up with that. However, Kraker Trailers Axel encountered limitations with their existing configurator. With growing needs for functionality and support, they decided to search for a new solution.

The search for reliability, stability, and innovation

In the world of sliding floor trailers, Kraker Trailers Axel always aims for the most effective and reliable long-term solution. It’s no wonder they offer a five-year warranty on their trailers, and thus, they sought the same qualities in their new configurator. The quest for stability, certainty, and technical innovation led them to Quootz. As a market leader, Quootz quickly emerged, and Merkato proved to be a modern and technologically advanced system unlike any other in the market. After fruitful discussions, commitment from both sides, and an extensive tour of the impressive Kraker Trailers Axel factory as part of the deal, the partnership was sealed.

Thinking in possibilities, not limitations

Where Kraker Trailers Axel previously felt constrained by the configurator when it came to new ideas, they can now look ahead with a fresh perspective. Merkato enables them to consider possibilities again. Functionalities that were difficult to achieve are now readily available in Merkato. Moreover, maintaining the system has become much easier.

User-friendliness and uniformity for dealers

Kraker Trailers Axel’s dealers are located worldwide. This can make it challenging to configure and issue quotes in a uniform manner, especially when a configurator cannot adapt and lacks the necessary functionalities. The functionalities, user-friendliness, and fresh look and feel of Merkato are highly appreciated by the dealers, making their work more enjoyable and straightforward.


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