Being the largest awning manufacturer within the Benelux, Verano makes sure that its customers are able to enjoy their own comfortable homes both on the inside and on the outside. The production on Dutch and Belgian soil, the extensive product range, the short times of delivery and the private R&D departments cause Verano to be a reliable brand for awning and window decoration.

The explosive growth of the company however caused problems in the sales process. Fortunately, the competing company which incorporated Verano already employed Quootz, which resulted in them being led to us. This not only proved to be the solution for the problems, but also a perfect match for all of the future ambitions.

Ever since the employment of our software executor Merkato, Verano’s sales process has been just as reliable as the products and services of this manufacturer. This is just as well, since the choice is myriad. It makes sense for them to have delegated the configuration, calculation and documentation to our software. A win-win situation!

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