M2M Solids

M2M Solids produces custom-designed wash basins for the high-end hospitality sector. Our luxurious wash basins are manufactured in a unique fashion.

By reason of every room being unique, configuring a wash basin requires a great deal of input. As a result, mistakes are easily made and the consequences of this are unfortunately very expensive. M2M nevertheless considers it important that the final customers be able to assemble and configure their product themselves. For this reason, the company has selected our powerful configurator: for Merkato, generating a customer-friendly 3D-visualisation is no problem whatsoever.

Furthermore, by employing Merkato, it is no longer possible to sell incorrect size combinations, options and/or extras, while at the same time, the aesthetic aspect can be evaluated directly in 3D.

Finally, when a project is being sold, Merkato also generates the right output for operating the milling machines with only one push of a button. It could not be simpler!

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