MAFO Industrial Washing

MAFO Industrial Washing, based in Hengelo, provides custom solutions for industrial washing and drying installations. With their high-quality standards and years of experience, they belong to the top segment in the market. Their specialty lies in designing and producing industrial washing installations for the food and metal processing industries.

Due to rapid growth, MAFO finds that creating quotes takes up too much time. The ideal scenario would be to handle inquiries through the website, but without the use of a configurator, this is not possible. Merkato is the solution to make this a reality.

Another issue related to the quotes is that they are highly technical in nature. Therefore, MAFO wants to establish a link between the function and the solution in the quote. The goal is for Merkato to automatically provide a technical solution based on a good problem description.

Additionally, the layout of the quotes could use a makeover, and the multilingual functionality is crucial due to the international nature of the company.

Overall, it is an ideal task for our configurator Merkato!


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