Hyzon Motors

“Zero compromise” – that’s the motto of the American company Hyzon Motors. They provide hydrogen-powered heavy trucks, buses, and coaches. And for those who want to make “zero compromise” in the area of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) as well, naturally choose Merkato.

To better serve the European market, Hyzon has opened a location in Hoogezand, in the north of the Netherlands, under the leadership of visionary entrepreneurs Carl and Max Holthausen (father and son). A fun fact: Max made global headlines in 2018 by equipping his Tesla with a fuel cell, naming it the Hesla.

The company is experiencing rapid international growth, bringing the challenges of standardization, pricing, multilingualism, and brand identity.

Another interesting point: following last month’s climate summit in Glasgow, the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) published a fascinating piece about how Hyzon is already prepared for emissions-free driving. Click here to watch the feature.

After receiving multiple recommendations from customers and their own employees, Hyzon contacted Quootz to explore the possibilities of integrating Merkato.

We are thrilled that this leading, sustainable, and cutting-edge company has chosen to incorporate Merkato into their daily operations.

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