The Belgian company Moeyersons has been a well-established name in the world of trailer and truck body construction and repairs for over 60 years. Quality is the most important core value within their philosophy. However, Moeyersons was also ready for a configurator to give that core value an extra boost.

And so, Merkato will first get to work on optimizing and speeding up the quotation process. Moeyersons had the desire to generate repair quotations more quickly. Linking repairs to a configurator might not seem like an immediate or obvious match, but it is a match made in heaven because it aligns perfectly with our vision. Even in repair work, there are recurring elements that can be automated. The preparation of these repair activities is significantly shortened by utilizing standard repair items (such as materials, workplace, and hours) from the ERP software. This allows Merkato to create a repair BOM or proposal in no time and the work order is immediately sent to the ERP system.

Additionally, over the next 12 months, Merkato will build a database for Moeyersons, enabling the company to predict damage handling more and more through intelligent algorithms. Finally, Merkato will also handle quotations for the wide variety of vehicles that Moeyersons can deliver.

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