Microsoft Dynamics

We have linked with Microsoft Dynamics for the references below

IHC Vremac

IHC Vremac designs and builds hydraulic cylinders, swivels and piston accumulators. IHC specializes in cylinders used in extreme conditions. Think of the dredging industry, oil extraction, bridges and heavy machinery markets. At Vremac, each cylinder is customer-specific. Merkato is used to draw up a specification and generate 3D CAD models very quickly, based on customer […]

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Orange Climate Group

Orange Climate BV develops, produces and delivers innovative and sustainable concepts in the field of climate, comfort and energy management. The diverse clientele includes industrial companies, healthcare and educational institutions, government buildings, business services and hospitality and leisure. With Merkato, projects with hundreds / thousands of grids are set up extremely quickly and flawlessly. By […]

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Comfoor supplies hearing protection solutions, tailored to the end user. For each customer, a cast is made from their ear and based on this, a 3D scan is taken, which is used for the final production of the mold. Comfooroffers services to audiologists/ hearing care professionals in the Nederlands but also supports customers all across […]

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