Ravas Weighing Systems

RAVAS Europe manufactures and distributes weighing systems integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. With these mobile weighing systems, companies can realize direct cost savings, make their internal logistics more efficient, increase the quality of their products and services and thus increase customer satisfaction.

RAVAS products are sold worldwide. The products can be found under many different OEM colors and private labels, but also under the brand RAVAS. So there are different distribution channels, each with their own products, price structure and approach.

3m weighs with ifroks on reach truckAfter RAVAS Europe has been taken over by a Belgian family office, many internal business processes changed. The quotation and order process is an important way to make the operation more efficient. In addition to generating multilingual quotation documents, an important objective is to create orders directly from Merkato in Exact Globe.

Before RAVAS Europe chose Quootz, an extensive selection process preceded. The main reason for choosing Merkato is that it has more functionality than its competition and is much more flexible in creating the user interface. That last one focuses on “Form follow fuctions”. Build the user interface needed for your user and don’t let the system be leading.

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