Royal Duyvis Wiener

Royal Duyvis Wiener also chooses Merkato!

The background

Royal Duyis Wiener is a leading producer in the field of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Together with its customers, it develops the most innovative solutions. Royal Duyvis Wiener (RDW) has chosen Merkato for the 100% technically-accurate and fast quotation of these installations.

The application

RDW has introduced its own specific knowledge rules in Merkato. By working with the standard “project-structure-editor” in Merkato, sellers worldwide can, based on the wishes of their customer, prepare a quotation for several machines in a line, efficiently and effectively.

The result

4 weeks after the the first training Duyvis salesman could start with the first configurations.

Because the quotation is configured in line by the seller and the customer; none of the parts, machines or additions can be forgotten. Customer specific wishes (so-called Special Products) must be authorised after the calculations are completed. As a result, RDW maintains global control over the entire quotation process.

After approval, the technical documents for customers and production are automatically generated by Merkato. Because these documents are generated based on the project offered, they are 100% accurate and immediately available. This saves Royal Duyvis Wiener a lot of time and money!

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