Located in Veldhoven, Brabant, Tapp-E is a modern company that provides modular charging modules for fences. As the charging points are mounted on the fence, there is no need for separate charging poles. This not only saves a lot of space compared to traditional systems but also eliminates the hassle of burying cables. As a result, easy scalability is always possible.

Through their own ERP provider, Tapp-E discovered Merkato from Quootz. Calculating the electrical installation can become quite complex. By capturing the knowledge in the configurator, the sales team could start working immediately. This was crucial because the new concept from the parent company B&G Hekwerk needed to be quickly introduced to the market. In fact, the first international trade fair took place just six weeks after the initial introduction.

Furthermore, Tapp-E takes advantage of Merkato’s multilingual capabilities, and thanks to the software, resellers can create uniform and professional-looking quotes.

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