September 2019 Newsletter


Quootz’s first six months have been very successful. We would like to tell you more about it in this newsletter.

In any case, it is of course nice to report that we have welcomed 3 great new colleagues to our team in recent months. 2 technical consultants / project managers and one experienced account manager. Growth in the number of people or FTEs is absolutely not a goal or success factor in our business model, but it is very nice to experience how our joint approach provides a stable platform for more good colleagues.

Evaluation Expert session on the SupplyChain

Last June we organized our annual seminar together with Heering and TradeCloud. The the subject of these sessions is always about some form of the optimization of the SupplyChain.

This year we also welcomed Jannes Slomp from Hogeschool Arnhem & Nijmegen as a guestspeaker. Jannes told an inspiring story that got many people thinking. FrankJan Evers showed what he has achieved at Heering in the past year and what approach he has chosen for this. Theory and practice side by side. That is always the approach of the meeting: Practical stories for companies that know how to get things done.

Both FrankJan and Jannes indicated that a product configurator is indispensable if you want to improve your SupplyChain by working more standardized. Both also indicated that it doesn’t matter what you start with (re-design or configurator) as long as you start!

With a lot of imagery and pictures, Bas Könst explained to the attentive audience that a configurator is like a gatekeeper, it ensures that no nonsense or exceptions enter the factory. Which brings order and peace to the SupplyChain.

Various ways of determining sales prices were also discussed. A subject that Quootz has been dealing with on a daily basis for years.

Project HAN
Immediately after the sessions, we received several registrations for the follow-up phase of the initial research at HAN. The working title of this project is “Continued research into the deploy ability of Product configurators for process integration and product innovation”. You will certainly hear more about this
There is still room for interested SMEs (preferably in the Arnhem area) !!!

Dok.Legal – Update

The first months of the year were also very successful for our sistercompany Dok.Legal. We would like to share one of the most interesting developments with you:

Dok.Legal is going to collaborate very intensively with legal consultancy “De Raadgevers” from Utrecht. This innovative company does not only want to assist its customers with legal advice. De Raadgevers s have been annoyed for years with the inefficient process of copying and pasting in Word to come to a legal document.

By integrating the Dok.Legal software into its process, drawing up and managing complex contracts and legal documents is now much faster and cheaper. Copy or version errors are a thing of the past. Even offering hundreds of contracts for signing is only a matter of one push of a button, at which the progress of the individual signatures can be monitored live!

Customer story
Polem in Lemmer has been an enthusiastic user of our software for a number of years. You can read all about it in our most recent customer story:

Nieuwe klanten

To give you an idea of ​​how diverse Merkato is used, we give you an overview of some new customers and how Merkato is used by them! You can find a complete overview of references here.

Een compleet overzicht van referenties vindt u hier.


The builder of very luxurious motor yachts, founded in 1992, has chosen Merkato to make its quotations. The company was urgently looking for software with which it could issue worldwide quotations for the so-called Wajer Care.

With a tablet or laptop in hand, the Wajer advisor walks around and in the boat. On site, he can import all possible maintenance and service products for the specific ship and immediately present an error-free quote. The agreed maintenance is then carried out during the winter months.


In addition to the speed of Merkato, the multilingualism and the extensive roles and rights system, Wajer has chosen Merkato because it can be implemented quickly and easily. This allowed Wajer to set up the entire Wajer Care worldwide on Merkato within 5 weeks. Just in time for the upcoming winter season.

Royal Duyvis Wiener

Royal Duyis Wiener is a leading producer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Together with its customers, it develops the most innovative solutions. Royal Duyvis Wiener has chosen Merkato for the 100% technical and correct quotation of these installations.

Duyvis has introduced its product-specific knowledge rules into Merkato itself. 4 Weeks after the first training, the sellers worldwide could get started with the configurator of the first systems.

By using the Merkato “project structure”, a quotation for several machines can be drawn up quickly in one line.


PQR is a strategic advisor for modern software defined workspace and data center solutions and delivers and manages hybrid cloud environments. The structures and possibilities within these solutions are very complex and customer specific.

By using Merkato, PQR consultants and advisors will be able to quickly and flawlessly provide the latest and / or best suitable solution for the very complex issues in the field of software defined workspace and data center solutions. 

Are you also curious how we can help your company shorten your “Time to Quote”? Please feel free to contact us at +31 (0) 88 6375286 or