Newsletter December 2018

Hereby the last Quootz newsletter of 2018. In this newsletter attention for interactive 3D visualization, the new website, new customers and the Quootz College.

3D visualization, but then really interactive

Merkato has many ways to visualize your product. For example, our customers use drawings, photos and 3D renderings that are displayed during configuration based on the wishes of the user and the status of the configuration process.

Another frequently used option is the dynamic composition of visuals, based on different partial visuals. The so-called clickable renderings, in which a click on a part of the figure activates a function (often activating a drop-down selection), is also regularly used. In itself, this is a simple technique that can quickly lead to a surprising effect.

More often we see, often with consumer products, so-called 3D renderings, where the configured product is shown in 3D. The user then has the option to rotate his product 360 ° in all directions and zoom in on it. This technique is of course also supported by Merkato.

What makes our solution more interesting than other 3D configurators is the following: Our renderings not only dynamically change with the configuration in real time, but are actually interactive. The user can select and manipulate objects in the 3D environment with his mouse. For example, a click on a part of a product can open a new window, within which that specific part is further configured.

Just another of the very nice possibilities that the Merkato platform has to offer.

New website online!

Recently we have also been busy to completely renew our website! Tight, well-organized and clear were the spearheads in construction. Due to the easy navigation, the extensive possibilities of Merkato are quickly visible!



New customers

To give you an idea of ​​how diverse our Merkato software we give you an overview of some new customers and how Merkato is used by them! You can find a complete overview of references here.


Bauhuis in Goor has been a producer of pipe coating equipment for 40 years.

The company has acquired a leading position in an exciting, international market in which only a limited number of players are active, but competition is nevertheless very fierce.

To be able to make offers much faster and more accurately for installations, which can consist of tens if not hundreds of machines, Bauhuis has purchased Merkato from Quootz.

National Service for Identity Data (RiVG)

The National Service for Identity Data (RvIG) is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. RvIG manages the Personal Records Database (BRP) and is responsible for the technical systems for the storage and exchange of personal data. And they manage the travel documents of the kingdom.

Merkato is used to improve the accessibility and readability of the HUP by generating examples that simplify registration based on situation questions. This improves the quality of the BRP.

Meijer Handling Solutions

Meijer Handling Solutions is the world’s market leader in forks for hydraulic lift trucks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. These innovative products are delivered through an international distribution network.

Until recently, almost all quotation requests were handled by the internal sales department.

Merkato is used to make the international distribution network work more independently. For example, based on knowledge and information from the head office in St. Jacobiparochie, dealers can generate quotations and process orders. Merkato composes the correct configuration based on customer specifications, calculates the sales price, monitors the margin and generates the necessary documents.

Quootz College

At Quootz, we find collaboration important. We regularly organize meetings to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s projects. At these meetings, all Quootz team members update each other on the developments of the past year, the plans for the coming year and we dive into the latest techniques to gain new ideas or to overcome existing challenges. Due to the cooperation between all disciplines and the open character of these sessions, new developments are constantly being brought to the table, which you can take advantage of in the near future. The last session ended with a toast to 2019!

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