LAG Trailers

The Belgian trailer manufacturer LAG is the market leader in bulk trailers, fuel trailers, bulk containers, container chassis, tipping container chassis, tippers and general trailers. In addition, the company is at the forefront when it comes to modern production methods and logistics. The Quootz team is very proud to be able to count LAG among […]

Wajer Yachts

Wajer Yachts uses Merkato! Founded in 1992, the builder of very luxurious motor yachts has chosen Merkato to make its quotations. The company was very urgently looking for software with which it could issue quotes worldwide for the so-called Wajer Care. With a tablet or laptop, the Wajer advisor walks around and in the boat. […]

Heering Holland

Merkato van Quootz was chosen after a thorough market research to relieve the office staff and to facilitate the fast-growing international network of points of sale Heering is one of the market leaders in the transport of day-old chicks. The company has been a leader in innovation and sustainable development since 1865.

Mitsubishi Electric – MEE

Due to the complex diversity in supply and demand, putting together the right elevator for a customer is precision work. By implementing all available parameters, options and business rules in the Merkato solution, it is possible for Mitsubishi to offer error-free quotes anywhere in Europe. This gives them a head start in the marketplace and […]

VDL Translift

VDL Translift is active in the development, production, assembly, sales and service of container transport and collection systems.

Bauhuis Pipe Coating Solutions

Bauhuis in Goor has been a manufacturer of pipe coating equipment for over 40 years. The company has a leading position in an exciting, international market in which only a limited number of players are active but the competition is very high nevertheless. In order to be able to make quotations much faster and more […]


Rollepaal in Dedemsvaart is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced machines for the production of plastic pipes. These machines are sold all over the world. The need for a sales configurator was recognized very early on.After several years of working with other guided selling software, the choice was made in early 2016 to switch to […]

KSE Process Technology

KSE is a high-quality technology company with a wide range of dosing and weighing machines, automation solutions and services for the global animal feed industry.  


Nijhuis Industries

“Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries.”  In order to be able to offer and sell these complex solutions quickly and accurately, Nijhuis Industries uses our Merkato software. Because these large and complex projects also require very […]

Royal Duyvis Wiener

Royal Duyvis Wiener also chooses Merkato! The background Royal Duyis Wiener is a leading producer in the field of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Together with its customers, it develops the most innovative solutions. Royal Duyvis Wiener (RDW) has chosen Merkato for the 100% technically-accurate and fast quotation of these installations. The application RDW […]


Geesinknorba is a leading producer of waste collection vehicles, self-pressing and stationary waste presses. The head office is located in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. The products are sold through our own branches in 8 European countries and also through distributors in more than 10 countries within and outside Europe. The background Geesink was looking for a […]


Verasol has been the leading brand in the field of high-quality aluminum verandas, carports, garden rooms and low-maintenance garden fencing for 15 years. Sales are made through our own European branches and through a large dealer network. In order to give dealers the opportunity to make offers even faster, more attractive and without errors at […]


PQR is using Merkato! The background PQR is a strategic consultant for modern software defined workspace , data center solutions. and supplies and manages hybrid cloud environments. The structures and possibilities within these solutions are very complex and customer-specific. The application By storing the acquired knowledge and experience within Merkato, they can make significant increases […]


Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions. Boon Edam’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Their customers are served worldwide through 17 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, complemented by distributors in 55 countries. The question To enable sales organizations in various countries to sell Boon’s complex products […]


The question Agrifac from Steenwijk is specialist in the field of self-propelled agricultural sprayers. Agrifac products find their way to all corners of the world. When offering these machines, a variety of rules and regulations that are different from country to country must be taken into account. The company is also engaged in a turbulent […]

Stork IMM

Stork IMM, based in Hengelo, is a leading supplier of extremely fast, accurate and reliable injection molding machines. The background Stork was looking for a sales tool that could be used to quickly and easily create quotes for customers. It was also important that bespoke customer-specific requirements could be included in a controlled manner. After […]


Landustrie in Sneek is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of customer-specific products. Standardization and a great deal of attention to the logistics process are characteristic of Landustrie. They chose to use Merkato from Quootz very early on. Merkato is used for various product groups, including the screw pumps and the aerators. Merkato performs […]

Just Drive – BoxKit

The unique BoxKit concept enables commercial vehicle sellers to sell a lightweight carriage body in addition to a chassis. The combination chassis + superstructure can be delivered within a month and can be maintained / repaired / replaced by the commercial vehicle salesman. For this unique concept with points of sale throughout the Benelux, the […]

Veenhuis Machines

Veenhuis Machines B.V. develops and manufactures innovative fertilizer technology for the application, transport and processing of manure. Motivated by strong, international growth, Veenhuis uses Merkato for generating quotes in various languages. In addition, Merkato is used to generate customer-specific manuals and spare parts books. Our reporter has visited this customer! An extensive interview with Veenhuis […]


Vremac designs and builds hydraulic cylinders, swivels and piston accumulators. Vremac specializes in cylinders used in extreme conditions. Think of the dredging industry, oil extraction, bridges and heavy machinery markets. At Vremac, each cylinder is customer-specific. Merkato is used to draw up a specification and generate 3D CAD models very quickly, based on customer demand. […]

Knapen Trailers

As Europe’s first producer of moving-floor trailers and inventor of the self-supporting construction method, Knapen Trailers is the expert in transport efficiency. Knapen produces trailers that are sold through an international dealer network. The complexity of Knapen’s products requires a lot of specific knowledge from the dealers. The question Years ago, Knapen management recognized the […]

VDL Containersystemen

VDL Container Systems develops, produces and sells a wide range of hydraulic container handling systems.

Orange Climate Group

Orange Climate BV develops, produces and delivers innovative and sustainable concepts in the field of climate, comfort and energy management. The diverse clientele includes industrial companies, healthcare and educational institutions, government buildings, business services and hospitality and leisure. With Merkato, projects with hundreds / thousands of grids are set up extremely quickly and flawlessly. By […]


Meerdeur has been operating in the industry of automatic revolving and sliding doors since 1980. The old system to control production began to show serious problems. Through Merkato, customer wishes are easily and quickly converted into quotation documents and all the necessary information for production.


Metaflex is a specialist in airtight door systems and advanced vending machines for the medical sector, healthcare sector, food sector and for cleanrooms and laboratories. After an intensive selection process, Metaflex chose Merkato from Quootz. Merkato is used to quickly and unambiguously convert the customer’s wishes into production files. Agents and resellers will also use […]

Albo Deuren

The question At the end of 2018, Albo Deuren from Albergen contacted Quootz. At that time, Albo was working on an ERP selection process together with the consultants of Skopos Yield Builders. The desire was to search for and select a configuration tool simultaneously with an ERP system. For Albo Doors, one cannot do without […]

Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive aims to relieve glassware companies worldwide in the logistics process. Berg provides solutions for all operations in the cash register, up to and including the preparation shipment. After a thorough selection process, which also involved building your own or an ERP-integrated solution, Berg opted for Merkato.


Create a fruitful collaboration in professional horticulture to improve your yield. That’s what Ridder stands for. With know-how and expertise, we develop and deliver user-friendly, sustainable, efficient and innovative solutions in the field of automation in glass horticulture.  


Comfoor supplies hearing protection solutions, tailored to the end user. For each customer, a cast is made from their ear and based on this, a 3D scan is taken, which is used for the final production of the mold. Comfooroffers services to audiologists/ hearing care professionals in the Nederlands but also supports customers all across […]


Polem has been the market leader in GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) silos and storage tanks for more than 40 years. Polem has achieved this position by continuously optimizing its products and services by listening to the needs of the customer. Polem uses Merkato to streamline the sales process and to optimize communication towards the […]


Veth Veth Propulsion is the specialist in thrusters. Robust construction, thought-out design and ease of maintenance characterize the Veth thrusters. Veth Propulsion has various types of thrusters in different capacities. With Quootz’s software, it iss even easier to find the optimal solution for every situation.

Eribel Deuren

Group Eribel is a market-leading business group, specializing in fire-resistant doors and frames for utility construction. In addition, Eribel is known for its systems for in prisons. To get a grip on the ever-increasing variety of designs and to control the associated production process, Eribel has purchased Merkato.   For Eribel, Merkato is […]

Dutch Thruster Group

The Dutch Thruster Group (DTG) serves the maritime market with its very own approach to design, technology and management.  

Van de Grijp

VandeGrijp is an internationally operating company, specializing in the production of pipes, pipe constructions and rental of piping systems and floating equipment for the infrastructure market. Three companies based in the Netherlands with about 65 employees take care of the activities.

Cremer Speciaalmachines

The worldwide operating company Cremer Specialty machines from Lisse specializes in counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods and agricultural industry. The machines they produce have unparalleled speed and precision.  Cremer is part of the Uhlmann Group from Germany. Due to the takeover by Uhlmann, the number of possible outlets has increased […]


KlimaKraft specializes in the field of indoor and outdoor glass systems such as wall systems and roof systems and has been responding to the wishes and needs of the business and private end user for many years. Klimakraft uses Quootz’s Merkato to enable dealers, contractors and conservatory builders to order components and systems.  


Javo grows, invests in the future and focuses on the customer. They support nurseries worldwide in automating the production process    


The Quality Institute of Dutch Municipalities was founded in 2009 by the VNG to support municipalities in improving their information provision. KING does this by standardizing the activities of municipalities. NVVB and KING support municipalities in resolving Baseline 2 inconsistencies. To this end, VNG and KING have developed a special tool based on Quootz’s Merkato […]


With headquarters in Denmark and companies all over the world, Frontmatec is a leading supplier of, among other things, customized solutions for automation in the food industry. In Rijssen, a large part of the sales is coordinated for the sellers spread across Europe. In practice, this means that sellers sell complete slaughter lines, whereas in […]

Ravas Weighing Systems

RAVAS Europe manufactures and distributes weighing systems integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. With these mobile weighing systems, companies can realize direct cost savings, make their internal logistics more efficient, increase the quality of their products and services and thus increase customer satisfaction. RAVAS products are sold worldwide. The products can […]

van Aarsen

Since 1949, Aarsen International, based in Panheel, has been developing and producing machines and installations for the production of animal feed. Van Aarsen’s products are sold worldwide. Automation has always played an important role within the company. In order to be able to quickly and accurately make a calculation and quotation at the customer’s table, […]


“Any challenge, any time” is the starting point at Meilink, just like at Quootz. No matter how fragile, exclusive and different a product may be: the Meilink team packs and transports it. To the other side of the world and back again. Effective, appropriate and budget-friendly. The Meilink team tackles this challenge every day for […] BV is an American family business headquartered in Louisville, USA. There, about 350 people work for the company and wrapping machines are made, which package products by wrapping stretch tape around them. The Cuijk office of employs about 125 people. The products made in the various factories are sold through more than 400 outlets […]


For over 40 years, Resqtec has been manufacturing and supplying advanced (hydraulic) tools used in rescues, car accidents and plane crashes. Resqtec’s products are delivered worldwide to (local) governments and airports through an international dealer network. In that world, speed, accuracy, multilingualism and the radiance of documentation are of the utmost importance. To further increase […]

The National Identity Data Service

The National Identity Data Service (RvIG) is an agency of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. RvIG is the authority and director of the secure and reliable use of identity data. Thus, RvIG manages i.a. the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) and is responsible for the technical systems for the storage and exchange […]

Infinity Repair

Infinity Repair is a new and innovative repair concept for a sustainable repair of parts of wooden frames. This unique concept provides 3D-printed frame repairs worldwide of a very high quality material. Merkato is used to enter data about the repair worldwide, in the most difficult circumstances using portable devices. This is done by certified […]


Karhof Carrosseriebouwers has offices throughout the Netherlands. Dozens of dealers use Quootz’s Merkato to sell Karhof’s products.   You can find a elaborate story about what Merkato does for Karhof by clicking here.

Meijer Handling Solutions

Meijer Handling Solutions is the world’s market leader in forks for hydraulic forklift trucks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. These innovative products are supplied through an international distribution network. Until recently, almost all quotation requests were answered by the internal sales department. Merkato is used to make the international distribution network work more independently. For example, based […]


Since its establishment in 1955, Nobels Machinefabriek has focused on the development and production of harvesting and planting machines for the flower bulb sector.

Serbo Serres

Serbo Serres, located in Nijverdal, is a leader in the field of Serres, porches, garden rooms, light streets and sliding roofs.


PostNL is Netherlands’ largest provider of postal and parcel delivery and e-commerce. In addition, PostNL is increasingly focusing on supporting e-commerce directly, by offering ready-made online stores, or taking over the entire logistics for online retailers. PostNL uses Merkato to manage the millions of product variants available in their online print shop. Click here for […]

Lovink Enertech

Lovink Enertech specializes in the development, production and supply of innovative and reliable cable fittings. Lovink Enertech supplies cable sleeves and terminations for medium voltage cables up to 36 kV. For more than 90 years, their high-quality products have proven their contribution to a reliable electricity grid. Over the years, a great deal of knowledge […]


Spectron is the German supplier and manufacturer of systems and components for the distribution of various gases.

HSB Automation

HSB Automation from Reutlingen (Germany) produces advanced and highly accurate straight guides and linear drives. Quootz’s Merkato is used to help sales staff offer the optimal solution. In addition, Merkato, linked with a 3D CAD package, is used to generate the complete production package of the sold product in seconds.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact GmbH is the innovative market leader in industrial connection technology, automation technology, electronic interface systems and surge protection. Phoenix has more than 11,000 employees, 47 sales offices and 37 sales partners worldwide. At Phoenix, Merkato is used to manage millions of product variants and automatically generate CAD models. Merkato also generates content for […]

Dr. Schenk

Dr. Schenk GmbH is a very innovative high-tech company from the Munich area. The company was founded in 1985 and develops, manufactures and markets optical measurement and inspection systems. Among other things, Merkato is used to quickly generate flawless, customer-specific CAD models in PTC’s Creo Direct on the basis of knowledge rules.


The full subsidiary of PostNL delivers more than 7 billion leaflets in the Netherlands every year. This is done by more than 23,000 deliverers who are fed from 6 locations. For the often very complex price calculations of the various product packages, Spotta relies on Merkato from Quootz.    

Beter Horen

Beter Horen offers top quality hearing care from its stores. Hearing aids as well as hearing accessories and related products. Beter Horen is one of the larger customers of Comfoor’s products. By using the Merkato Gateway (part of the Q-Connect module), orders entered from the Beter Horen stores in Merkato now end up directly in […]

Project Uitgelicht: KSE Process Technology

Sinds 1973 produceert KSE software en mechanica met een focus op de feedindustrie. De doseermachines van KSE zijn vooral heel erg goed met poeder- en korrelvormige producten, maar dat is niet het enige dat dit bedrijf aanbiedt: naast de productie van doseer- en weegsystemen hebben ze namelijk ook de capaciteiten in huis om de automatisering […]


Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Logic4 en Merkato:

Project uitgelicht: Polem

Het in Lemmer gevestigde Polem ontwerpt, produceert en verkoopt GVK (glasvezelversterkte kunststof) silo’s en opslagtanks. Door constant te innoveren, te standaardiseren en toch uiterst flexibel te blijven is het begin jaren ’70 opgerichte bedrijf marktleider in de branche. Polem levert vooral door heel Europa maar ook regelmatig buiten de continentsgrenzen. We spreken met Michiel Evers, […]


U vindt een link tussen Merkato en Epicor bij:

Exact logo


Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Exact-Globe en Merkato:    

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Voor ondermeer de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Trimergo en Merkato:

Isah logo


Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen ISAH en Merkato:              


Onze koppeling voor Netsuite is in gebruik bij onder andere:

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Ridder ERP


Sana logo


Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Sana en Merkato:

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Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Xgram en Merkato:

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Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Jeeves en Merkato:

Zoho logo


Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Zoho en Merkato:

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Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Sugar en Merkato:

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Autodesk Inventor

Voor ondermeer deze klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Autodesk Inventor en Merkato:

Salesforce logo


Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen SalesForce en Merkato:

ACT logo


Bij deze bedrijven hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen ACT! CRM en Merkato:

Project uitgelicht : Landustrie

De firma Landustrie uit Sneek is vooraanstaand fabrikant van een breed pallet van klantspecifieke producten. Zij hebben gekozen om gebruik te maken van Merkato binnen het bedrijf. Standaardisatie en een grote aandacht voor het logistieke proces zijn kenmerkend voor Landustrie. In eerste instantie was Landustrie op zoek naar een productconfigurator om automatisch CAD tekeningen te […]

Project uitgelicht: Boon Edam

Royal Boon Edam International B.V. begon aan het eind van de 19e eeuw als een timmermansbedrijf, en in 1903 werd de eerste draaideur geproduceerd. Inmiddels is het familiebedrijf uitgegroeid tot wereldwijde marktleider in entreeoplossingen, van high end draaideuren tot toegangspoortjes. Het bedrijf heeft dochtermaatschappijen in 18 landen wereldwijd en drie productiemaatschappijen in Nederland, China en […]

Project uitgelicht : Veth

Veth Propulsion kiest voor Merkato als Sales Configurator. Veth Propulsion is een internationaal opererende fabrikant van (hulp)voortstuwinginstallaties op schepen. Een familiebedrijf en wereldspeler tegelijk, welke garant staat voor kwaliteit, service, innovatie en duurzaamheid. Het van oorsprong Nederlandse bedrijf is gevestigd in Papendrecht en telt 130 medewerkers. “het terugdringen van offerte doorlooptijd, uniformiteit van offertes en transparante […]

Project uitgelicht: Agrifac

Agrifac, een bedrijf gespecialiseerd in het ontwerp en de productie van de beste spuitmachines en bietenrooiers. Inmiddels bereiken ze hun klanten wereldwijd en zijn ze een van de meest succesvolle bedrijven binnen de Excel-groep, waartoe ze behoren. Agrifac maakt sinds een jaar gebruik van Merkato. Quootz was benieuwd naar hun verhaal achter de keuze voor Merkato en hoe ze […]

Project Uitgelicht : Karhof

Sinds 1938 is het bedrijf Karhof actief binnen de carrosseriebouw. Sindsdien is het uitgegroeid tot een van de grootste carrosseriebedrijven, met twee vestigingen in Nederland, te weten Purmerend en Nieuw-Vennep. Karhof maakt deel uit van de combigroep carrosseriebrouwers. Sinds twee jaar gebuikt Karhof de software van Quootz.

Project uitgelicht: VandeGrijp

VandeGrijp is een bedrijf dat zich richt op de bouw van buizen en buisconstructies en verhuur van leidingsystemen en drijvend materiaal voor de inframarkt. In Papendrecht zit het hoofdkantoor van VandeGrijp waar wij Rob Stikkelorum, voormalig directeur van VandeGrijp, bezochten. Rob Stikkelorum zorgde er ondermeer voor dat de logistieke inrichting op orde werd gesteld door […]

Project uitgelicht : PostNL

De firma Euro Mail uit Waddinxveen is het digitale zusje van PostNL, het vroegere TNT. Euromail houdt zich bezig met directmail en directmarketing. De laatste ontwikkeling hierbij is het aanbieden van een klantenportaal waarmee de eindklant zelf zijn mailing kan samenstellen en direct kan versturen. Via de website kan de klant zijn keuze maken uit het aangeboden productenpakket.

Project Uitgelicht: Comfoor

More than a year ago, Comfoor decided to switch to Merkato. We spoke with operation manager Koen de Winkel about his experiences. (original interview has been translated from Dutch) Comfoor is a major player in the hearing protection and hearing aid market. Koen: “We actually make everything that goes in the ear. Then you should […]

Project Uitgelicht : Veenhuis

Gevestigd in Raalte, zit Veenhuis; een begrip in de plaats en ver daarbuiten. Al sinds 1938 bestaat het succesvolle familiebedrijf dat zich richt op de ontwikkeling en fabricatie van innovatieve mesttechnieken voor het aanwenden, transporteren en bewerken van mest. Veenhuis kan spreken van een sterke positie binnen deze sector die gebaseerd is op innovatie, kwaliteit […]

Project uitgelicht: VDL Translift

Voor dit klantverhaal reist Quootz af naar Dronten waar VDL Translift is gevestigd. Met het produceren  van innovatieve afvalinzamelvoertuigen heeft dit bedrijf inmiddels meer dan een halve eeuw ervaring. Translift is sinds oktober 2014 onderdeel van VDL Groep waar momenteel 16.000 werknemers in dienst zijn, waarvan 60 bij VDL Translift. Dit midden- en kleinbedrijf produceert […]

Case Study: Stork IMM

Since 2016, injection molding machine company Stork has been running the Merkato software. With a production of 120 orders per year, this is the smallest company in its market in Europe and the only one in the Netherlands. Where competitors bet on standard machines, Stork IMM delivers what its customers want and this makes them unique. […]

Syteline logo


Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Infor Cloudsuite Industrial – Syteline en Merkato: Voor LanTech hebben we 2 koppelingen met Infor Cloudsuite Industrial – Syteline gemaakt, 1 voor Europa en de ander voor Lantech VS.

CaseStudy: Geesinknorba

Geesinknorba produces perhaps one of the most necessary products that can be imagined within society, namely waste collection vehicles. From household waste to construction waste and from Amsterdam to Quito in Ecuador: the vehicles of Geesinknorba can be found worldwide. With eight locations throughout Europe, it is one of the largest suppliers of waste collection vehicles. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics

Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Microsoft Dynamics en Merkato:         

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Voor de volgende klanten hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen Solidworks en Merkato: Undisclosed

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Voor de volgende klant hebben wij een koppeling gemaakt tussen SolidEdge en Merkato: